The Start, Highlights, and More

Birth of one of the first Internet companies

Internet Lightspeed opened the doors in 1993 and began publishing and designing electronic information with Web Development to Large industries in the early days of the mosaic web browser. We quickly recognized our clients requirements for Internet Access and in 1994 deployed our first row of 28.8 modems and phone lines. It was an exciting and crazy time for the next few years and we watched the Internet phenomenon take on a whole new life of it’s own. Through the mid 1990’s we helped develop websites for dot-com business plans, made guest appearances on radio talk shows, appeared at various industry seminars and connected thousands of users to dialup Internet. As a result, we had a lot fun growing the firm and flourished at a time when history was made.

We’re growing and the Internet is much faster

At the turn of the new millennium, we upgraded our service offering to include High Speed ADSL Internet. Over the next few years we grew our High Speed network to include most cities across British Columbia and Alberta and began installing High Speed Internet to 1000’s of Businesses and Homes across both Provinces. VOIP and VIDEO demand is on the rise and as a result our are administrators spend a great deal of time planning the requirement’s to fulfill our customers need for speed. We constantly monitor our network gear and backbone to make sure our customers have the best internet experience.

People make the experience

Through the valued support of our clients and the dedication of our staff, Lightspeed will continue to grow and strive to be the best Internet Solutions Provider in Western Canada. Our staff has a dedicated passion to provide the best Internet service experience to our users.