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TV Content providers now provide today’s popular television programming and sports on demand through Canadian Programming sites such as www.globaltv.com and www.ctv.ca. Live Hockey Games are available on www.nhl.com The future is here so start using the power of the Internet and save lots of money throughout the year.

Enter your BC or Alberta Postal Code (no spaces) in the box above and click on "Get Naked" to see if your location is eligible for Naked ADSL from Internet Lightspeed.

If you only need a quality High Speed Internet Connection without extra bundles, Naked ADSL is for you. This is great news for the cellular phone user that isn't interested in paying for a low usage telephone service. Naked ADSL is a fantastic solution for the technical savvy individual that doesn't want to settle for an overpriced crowded cable connection to the Internet.

With the increasing popularity of digital phone services such as VoIP, Naked ADSL provides the quality and freedom of an Internet only solution.

Who can qualify for Naked ADSL? Any location in British Columbia and Alberta that currently has or could install regular ADSL with a telephone service.

Naked ADSL is Internet Lightspeed's answer for everyone who wants a quality High Speed Internet connection and does not want or need a phone line. Perfect for business or home users and the increasingly popular deployment of video and voip enabled alarm systems. Lightspeed's Naked ADSL. Sign Up today!

Why Naked ADSL?
Naked ADSL is high Speed internet only service without the cost of the Telephone and Cable Companies bundle fees.
How Does it Work?
We simply send a Digital High Speed Internet signal through your copper telephone Jack in your home or business.
Naked ADSL Power, Flexibility:
Start utilizing the Internet and save money with today’s technology. The Internet is a conduit for all the services you use today. Naked ADSL users operate with IP services such as an IP PBX for the business, a VOIP or SKYPE phone for home. Enrich and power up your multimedia experience with a media center for rich on-demand content streamed to your Plasma/LCD TV and Stereo System.

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