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NETFLIX - How much bandwidth does netflix use?:

There are 3 settings to choose from:

The default video quality setting in Canada is "GOOD."

GOOD quality
(consumes up to 0.3 GB per hour)

BETTER quality
(consumes up to 0.7 GB per hour)

BEST quality
(consumes up to 1 GB per hour, up to 2.8 GB per hour if watching 1080p HD, or up to 4.7 GB per hour if watching 3D)

Enter your BC or Alberta Postal Code (no spaces) in the box above and click on "Get Naked" to see if your location is eligible for Naked ADSL from Internet Lightspeed.

Naked ADSL is the "Internet Only" service for Western Canadians.

With Naked ADSL there's no need to subscribe to Basic Cable TV or Telephone Service. Naked ADSL is fast High Speed Internet that's always on and never shared with your neighbours. Watch, surf and play demanding entertainment anytime of the day.

Is your Cell Phone your primary phone? Do you mainly watch Internet based video? Use Skype or subscribe to a VOIP Service? Subscribe to a worldwide IPTV service? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Naked ADSL is the service for you.

Choose a plan below and get started Today!

If you currently have an active telephone line and plan to continue to keep the telephone service please Click here to sign up for high speed Internet.

  • 325 Gigs a month Bandwidth - Unlimited Bandwidth Option available.
  • 2 Dynamic IP Addresses
  • 10 MB of Personal Webspace
  • 5 E-mail Accounts for the Whole Family
  • 24-Hour connection (always on)
  • Support Technicians available 7 days a week
  • Spam Filtering - Keeping your e-mail account free of common spam
  • E-mail Virus Scanning - Your E-mail messages are scanned for viruses

   ADSL Internet Prices
6.0 Mbps 15.0 Mbps 25.0 Mbps 50.0 Mbps
Monthly Rate $29.95*
per month
per month
per month
per month
One time Activation Fee *Special Savings* Until July 31, 2015

Activation Fee Waived....$75.00

Network System Fee Waived....$4.95/mo

Naked Copper Activation Fee Waived $37.00

Naked Rate Band Waived.......$10.00-$25.00/mo

Unlimited Bandwidth Option........$5.00/mo
Modem Purchase $49.95 $49.95 Call for $ Call for $

*Some conditions apply (click here)                      

Why Naked ADSL?
Naked ADSL is high Speed internet only service without the cost of the Telephone and Cable Companies bundle fees.
How Does it Work?
We simply send a Digital High Speed Internet signal through your copper telephone Jack in your home or business.
Naked ADSL Power, Flexibility:
Start utilizing the Internet and save money with today’s technology. The Internet is a conduit for all the services you use today. Naked ADSL users operate with IP services such as an IP PBX for the business, a VOIP or SKYPE phone for home. Enrich and power up your multimedia experience with a media center for rich on-demand content streamed to your Plasma/LCD TV and Stereo System.

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